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Courageous Cure Formula

Find the tools to create your own courageous journey to healing!   Have more energy, live on your own terms and accomplish your dreams.


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Trying to get your health back on track is overwhelming

If you don't have a plan...

  • You waste time chasing ideas that don't work for you
  • Your spend money and energy with no concrete results
  • You guess based on other's people's stories 

Feeling hopeless on how to change your life?


If you feel stuck and frustrated in trying to find answers to your your health, you're not alone.

Despite more access to information and healthcare, people feel more confused and overwhelmed than ever before. 

I designed this course to change that.  With interactive lessons, I will take you through a personal step by step action plan to get clarity on HOW to move forward.  We are going to take all the information from The Courageous Cure, and apply it to your life.   

You do have the power to change your life and I want to help to navigate that together.

Because there are answers, and clarity can be a short distance away!

The Courageous Formula is a 5-step plan to spark your unique health path...


...so you can be the author of your life!

The Courageous Cure Formula is supported by not just a doctor but a woman who also took control of her own journey and found freedom. 

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Your Personal Action Plan

Learn how to understand what your unique body is telling you so that you can take the right steps towards your own health journey.

Discover the obstacles that keep you from healing and how to set up a clear path to wellness by:

  • Discovering limiting beliefs
  • Learning to listen to the body's messages
  • Getting to you individual root causes of disease

It’s time to discover your unique self and experience real health progress.

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Course Content

MODULE #1 // Commit to yourself

MODULE #2 // Uncover your Limiting Beliefs

MODULE #3 // Listen to Your Message

MODULE #4 // Choose Your Team

MODULE #5 // Submit to the Journey

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The Courageous Cure Audiobook 

Step Out of the Patient Mindset, Understand Your own Body, and Move Towards Healing.

This course can be done without reading The Courageous Cure, by Dr. Alana Berg. However, this class plus the book together provide a deeper understanding of your healing journey and a more immersive experience. 

The book is all about why we get sick, covering the 6 root causes of disease, and how we can heal, diving deep into the 5 levels of healing.

For a more immersive experience, when you purchase this class today, you'll also receive a free audiobook, recorded with tons of extra content from the original publication. The tools to be successful are now all together.



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  • BONUS: Free Audiobook, The Courageous Cure,¬† + bonus content.

I'm not just a doctor, 
I've also been where you are ...

I've been a practicing Naturopathic Doctor since 2005 (Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine). But the reason I wrote my book and created this class was because I also went on my own courageous health journey the year after my first daughter was born. I fought my way to healing from MS and know you can too.

There is a clear path to healing that starts with learning about your own body, and I want to give those keys over to you. 

 I have a full time practice in Kelowna, BC, Canada but I realize it's not possible to see everyone that needs healing in my office. That is why I began this online space - to share knowledge and create courage in people like you, who are ready to find their own cure. 

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Courage comes before confidence so if you wait until you are totally ready...you'll be waiting a long time.

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